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Chibi Commission and pillow for Trash Prince


Customer will receive:

  • Chibi digital art 
  • Minky Pillow of requested digital art

Production time: 
- I can finish a commission within a week. Please also understand that these take me time and completing an order may vary on complexity of characters. If more time is required and if there are delays I will update you accordingly!
- Please provide a detailed information expression, pose and how you want it to look. ( Reference image, pose, expression (happy, sad, etc.)
- Pillow fabric will take at least a month for the fabric to be received and then made and will be sent to receiver.
It will take 1-3 weeks to be delivered depending on destination (international).

Additional terms:
An Original Character will not be used for any commercial purposes. Commissioner holds copyright to the character.

Fanart or official characters from a series may be used for possible future products depending on our discretion.

Custom art and pillow for Trash Prince

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